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Live dealer games are the next big thing in the online casino world. They allow players to experience a level of realism never before seen in this format. The main difference is that live casino games are played with a real dealer who is beamed to your computer or mobile screen via a webcam. The result? You’ll be able to chat with the dealers just as you would in a real casino, and they could even provide a few tips. Sometimes you can chat with other players too, so be sure to be a friendly opponent. Mathematically speaking, a no deposit bonus is by default among the most profitable bonuses online. Whereas many bonuses require a deposit, the no deposit promotion gives players the opportunity to play for a real pay out without risking any of their own money. The fact that the player simply cannot lose money but has a chance to end up in profit (however small that chance may be), makes these bonuses positive expected value. Any experienced gambler knows you should never turn down a +EV situation!