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    If anyone knows anything about this?

    I am asking this question because I’m was in a difficult position because of this scammer. Jake P Noch illegally reports people’s songs for copyright infringement when he doesn’t own any rights to the music.

    I dont know him and his fake Pro Music Rights, NetSavingsLink, Pro Music Rights, SOSA Entertainment and more… He’s never contacted me and I have no way to contact him. All his information on the internet is fake.

    Jake Noch has been ruining artist’s careers for over three years! Check google for more information!

    I’m a respected producer in the music community. and he was able to take every song off illegally from stores. I had almost 1000k plays in two years all from my own hard work and he took that away! https://demo-submissions.xyz/net-savings-link.html

    His resume’ is nothing but a big fat lying scam!

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