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    Total Nutrition-Lactose Intolerance

    According to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., Natural Gourmet Institute founder and CEO, „Milk was designed to put weight on babies-and it is not just the fat that does it, but also the protein and calcium.” Now I would somewhat agree with her, especially about „Milk” generally. However, when you begin looking before milk, or what is known as Pre-Milk or Colostrum that’s where she would be grossly misinformed.

    These symptoms are frequently seen within half an hour to two hours after enjoying dairy foods. If you think you may be lactose intolerant try non-prescription remedies like Lactaid or any other lactase supplements to help relieve your discomfort. Eliminate foods containing lactose from a diet such as cheese, milk, soft ice cream, pizza etc.

    Diagnosing lactose intolerance is really a challenge. This is because it is difficult to spot all of the foods that includes dairy food. If you know already you are lactose intolerant, you probably steer clear of the usual foods like milk and cheese. However you may well be unknowingly eating food with lactose as one of its ingredients like processed cereals, soups, breakfast drinks, lunch meats, baked items and margarine.

    • Lower the amount of greasy or deep-fried food on your own intake of food. Butter, margarine, cream sauces, and pork products may give rise to diarrhea and gas, if fat absorption is deficient. These symptoms have a tendency to happen more in people that have a major percentage of their small bowel called ileum removed.

    We are finding through independent testing with Food Products Laboratory that you simply could get calcium, vitamins/minerals (in their whole food form along with abundance) your bones and the body need from Colostrum without dipping in the milk jug. Did you know that:

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